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The time to achieve return on investment in using a DigiPe mPOS is 3 times faster than using a traditional POS

The smartest way to accept any payment, anywhere.

Setting up your business to accept credit and debit cards is a lot easier than you may think. Your journey is all about your business, your customers, and your dreams. You get to decide how to accept credit cards. What are the right options for your business to accept payments?

White Label Product

White Label Product

Ready-to-use plug & play software components

QR Code Enabled Payments

QR Code Enabled Payments

Scan to Pay feature enables merchants to accept electronic payments from customers

SMS Invoice

SMS Invoice

Send SMS Invoice as payment link to customer's mobile

Easy On-boarding

Easy On-boarding

Simple Online On boarding Steps

Easy Settlements

Easy Settlements

Hassle free end of the day settlements

Flexible Fee-configuration

Smart Fee Management

Flexible Fee-configuration model

DigiPe Variants

Our solution is fit for all kinds of small vendors and large retailers

Small Vendors/ Individuals

Small Vendors/ Individuals

Less number of transactions

Own set up of selling food items or other product

Require simple mechanism to accept payments

Need hassle free methods to accept payments from cards or mobile

Large Retailers

Large Retailers

Huge volumes of transactions

Multiple store locations

Need robust platforms

Fully integrated mPOS with their existing payment systems

Benefits to the Retailers

Omni Channel Integration

Close the gap between face-to-face and e-commerce transactions, creating a smooth experience across all channels.

Integration of all potential payment methods – from mobile and online to cash and card payments – into a central system.

Consumer Data Analytics

Retailers want capability to harness multiple streams of data from transactions to customer preferences for seamless consumer experience.

Enables retailers to identify loyal customers when they enter the store, opening opportunities for targeted marketing.

In-Store Geo location

Retailer-oriented DigiPe systems to integrate in-store geo-localization features.

Strengthening conversion of store traffic into sales and thus adds significant value for retailers.

DigiPe Supported Merchant Categories For Paying Money

Paying for Grocery at Supermarket

Paying for Grocery
at Supermarket

Paying bill at Billing Counter

Paying bill
at Billing Counter

Paying at Ice Cream Stall

at Ice Cream Stall

Purchasing Ticket from Ticket Counter

Purchasing Ticket
from Ticket Counter

Paying in the Restaurant

Paying in
the Restaurant

and many more...

Business Benefits


Cloud Based

Cloud Based

Supports cloud based deployment with robust merchant activation and authentication.

API Integration

API Integration

Integrates with merchant IT / CRM systems with a web UI for merchants and back office.



Provides merchant dashboards, KPIs and reports.


Support all Major Card Reader

Conforms to all leading card readers like VeriFone, QPOS, AnywhereCommerce, and PAX.


Geo Tags

Geo-tags all digital charge slips and SMS receipts.

Enhanced Security

Enhanced Security

Marchant authentcation is secured with multi level account bindig, Geo tagging transactions, hardware incryption,

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